Can I phone PokerStars?

Can I phone PokerStars?

Can I phone PokerStars?

And you can even play on-the-go with the PokerStars Mobile app. Just follow the three steps below to download PokerStars Mobile onto your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device to get started. We’re also available on Windows, Mac and Android platforms.

Does PokerStars have live chat?

Go to the ‘Help’ section of our website. If Stella is available, you’ll see a green bubble icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Click that button to start a chat.

How do you report a chat on PokerStars?

0:020:37PokerStars – How to Report Player / Chat – YouTubeYouTubeDébut de l’extrait suggéréFin de l’extrait suggéréOpen up the main lobby window it navigates to help on this page select contact support finally onMoreOpen up the main lobby window it navigates to help on this page select contact support finally on this new window you want to select poker as your category and reports chat abuse as your subcategory.

How long does PokerStars take to reply?

Live Events team has a 48-hour response time, this may increase during major events.

Who Owns PokerStars net?

Flutter Entertainment
PokerStars is an online poker cardroom owned by Flutter Entertainment. It can be accessed through downloadable poker clients for the Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. It is the largest real money online poker site in the world, controlling over two-thirds of the total online poker market.

How do you chat on PokerStars app?

When you’re seated at a table, select the Chat tab and type your messages in the field below. Just hit Enter and your message will appear at the table. If you’re using a mobile, tap the chat box which will then expand on the screen and allow you to type your messages.

How do I report a bot on PokerStars?

After opening the form, select the language, then:

  1. Category: Poker.
  2. Sub-category: Report Chat Abuse.

Is PokerStars fixed?

But here is the quick answer. PokerStars is not rigged. … Because online poker sites like PokerStars typically deal hands 3 times faster than a live poker game, you should expect 3 times as many bad beats.

Why is PokerStars closed to US players?

PokerStars abandoned the U.S.A. real money poker market as a consequence of a settlement it reached with the Department of Justice in 2011. This agreement followed the Black Friday crackdown on internet poker by U.S. government authorities.

Why can’t I chat on Pokerstars?

If you cannot see the chat of other players at the poker tables, you may have accidentally modified some of the chat visibility options in your account. If the chat of only one player is blocked, to unblock it: Right-click their image icon. Remove the check mark next to the Block Chat option.

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