Comment apprendre les homophones ?

Comment apprendre les homophones ?

Comment apprendre les homophones ?

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What are some examples of homophones?

  • 20 Example of Homophones in English.  Homophonesare words that sound alike but are spelled differently. Words that sound the same but have different meanings and usually different spellings. 270 Common Homophones List 1 Ad Add 2 Ball Bawl 3 Caret Carrot 4 Dual Duel 5 Eye I 6 Flew Flu 7 Gorilla Guerrilla

What is the difference between a homophone and homograph?

  • A homophone is a linguistic situation in which two words have the same pronunciation but have different spellings and meanings. This can be confused with homographs and homonyms. Let’s define all three. As we saw, homophones are words with different meanings that sound the same. A homograph is a group of words that are spelled the same, …

What is the homophone for accept?

  • There are several homophones in the English language that almost everyone gets confused at some point. These frequently confused homophones include: accept/except: Accept is a verb that means to take or receive. Except is used as a preposition or conjunction to mean but or exclude.

How do you teach homophones to students?

  • Consider the following ideas: Write the homophones on index cards, then use the cards to play a game like Memory or Go Fish. Play Pictionary by dividing students into teams. Ask the groups to take turns illustrating and guessing homophone pairs.

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