How can I email Ubisoft?

How can I email Ubisoft?

How can I email Ubisoft?

[email protected] is our account support mailing email. Please send us a direct message with your account username and email address.

How do I Reassociate my Ubisoft account?

You can link your Ubisoft account to another platform through the Ubisoft Account Management website: Go to the Ubisoft accounts website. On the Account Information page, go to the Linked Accounts section. Select Link under your platform’s logo, and follow the onscreen instructions.

How do I report to Ubisoft?

– Open his/her profile with the X button. – Open his/her PlayStation Profile by pressing Square. – On the PlayStation Profile, press the Options button and then select Report. Ubisoft does not condone any inappropriate behavior.

Does Ubisoft send email?

As part of our ongoing efforts to protect accounts, we may send you an email to verify that it is you whenever we detect any unusual activity or think your account may be at risk. …

How do I unlink my Ubisoft account from PSN?

To unlink your Ubisoft account from another platform: Head to the Account Information page. Scroll down to the Linked accounts section. Locate the platform you would like to disconnect, and select Unlink.

How do I unlink my Xbox from Ubisoft?

You would want to work with Ubisoft support to see how to remove the account from your Xbox account. Navigate to the Account Information tab, and you will see Linked Accounts at the bottom of the page. Next, click the Unlink button under the platform you wish to unlink from your Ubisoft Account.

How do I contact Ubisoft about a bug?

You can do this by selecting the Display all issues tab and using the search bar. Select Report an issue at the top of your screen.

Is Ubisoft email legit?

Please beware of phishing emails. Ubisoft employees will never ask for you to provide your personal payment or login credentials. If the email you receive asks you to provide personal credentials, contains typos, very unusual grammar or phrases, please reach out to us to verify the legitimacy of the email.

Why am I getting an email from Ubisoft?

Keeping your account safe is a top priority for us and something we take very seriously. As part of our ongoing efforts to protect accounts, we may send you an email to verify that it is you whenever we detect any unusual activity or think your account may be at risk.

How to contact Ubisoft support?

  • – Go to Ubisoft Support. – Sign in to your Uplay account. If you don’t have an account yet, create one. – Click the Options drop-down menu on the right side of the window. Then, select Go To: Contact Support. – Once you are on the Support Case page, you can choose from either of the following: send an email for a support ticket or start a live chat. … – If you want to send an email, select the appropriate entry in the Platform, Product, and Category drop-down menus. – Type a short description of your issue in the Subject field. – In the body, describe the issue you’re facing. Make it as detailed as possible. – Attach files if necessary. – Before submitting your case, you will see a list of potential solutions to your problem as detected by the system. … – On the next page, you will see the reference number with other pertinent information on your ticket. All you have to do now is wait for Ubisoft’s response. – If you cannot wait for a response, you can start chatting with the live agent that will help you resolve your issue in real-time.

What is Ubisoft phone number?

  • Here is Ubisoft phone number for customer service, the 919-460-9778 is helpline for customer support by ubisoft, find complete contact info for Ubisoft technical support, discover best route to contact official support to discuss your problem.

Why does Ubisoft connect not work?

  • Check the proxy settings
  • Flush DNS and renew your IP
  • Disable IPv6
  • Close unnecessary applications
  • Update your device drivers. If your Windows is utilizing the proxy settings,there might be a connectivity problem with Ubisoft.

Does Ubisoft have a launcher?

  • That makes Ubisoft ‘s move to the Epic Store a bit confusing, because the company already has its own launcher called Uplay . And it’s not as though Ubisoft hides Uplay: it automatically launches every time you run a Ubisoft game on Steam. We’ve contacted Ubisoft to find out if that’ll also be the case for The Division 2.

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