Is Gotogate a legit site?

Is Gotogate a legit site?

Is Gotogate a legit site?

They are fraud. Gotogate is a fraud company and never book with them. Better to book with flight itself or use some other companies. They charge for extra options such as flight flexible or flight cancellations options but never been helpful and you get charged extra amount.

What is Gotogate?

Gotogate is an agent for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and events. We accept no liability for changes to timetables, cancelled flights, luggage or other incidents relating to the implementation of flights.

Does Gotogate give refunds?

If you have made your ticket purchase with us, the airline will make a refund to us and we will process the payment to your original form of payment after receiving the funds. … If you turn to us for assistance, we will do our best to assist you but we are limited to the rules and restrictions of the airlines.

Are mytrip and Gotogate the same?

Mytrip is part of Gotogate, Inc. which is owned by Etraveli Group AB, one of the three largest flight-centric online travel agents in Europe. The company operates in 77 countries on 6 continents.

Is Gotogate in partnership with booking com?

(Update 1: It appears as though’s UK website is now using Gotogate for flights, as well.) … The flight partnership, which is not exclusive, is with eTraveli, a flight-oriented online travel agency based in Sweden. Gotogate is an eTraveli brand.

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