Quel est la cause de divorce ?

Quel est la cause de divorce ?

Quel est la cause de divorce ?

La loi prévoit en effet trois motifs valides pour divorcer : la séparation des époux depuis un an, l’adultère et la cruauté physique ou mentale.

How does the United Nations calculate marriage and divorce rates?

  • The United Nations Statistics Division calculates selected indicators and rates such as the crude marriage and divorce rates or singulate mean age at marriage and disseminates these indicators along with official country data on marriage, divorce, annulment, etc. through the Demographic Yearbook .

What is divorce?

  • B. Divorce (para. 57.) Is a final legal dissolution of a marriage, that is, that separation of husband and wife which confers on the parties the right to remarriage under civil, religious and/or other provisions, according to the laws of each country. C. Annulment (para. 57.)

Where can I find official statistics on marriage and divorce?

  • The United Nations Statistics Division collects official statistics on marriage and divorce through the Demographic Yearbook data collection system. Three (see statistics tab) of these tables are disseminated through the Demographic Yearbook on an annual basis.

How many countries have a crude divorce rate?

  • The population estimates used to calculate the denominator may have a different coverage than the data on divorces. World Marriage Data 2008 contains data on the crude divorce rate for 163 countries or areas.

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