Quel est le synonyme de cache ?

Quel est le synonyme de cache ?

Quel est le synonyme de cache ?

se dérober, disparaître (à la vue), s’embusquer, se tapir, se terrer, se mettre à l’abri, se planquer (familier), se musser (vieux ou région.)

Comment dire cacher en langage soutenu ?

dissimuler (se) Être caché, rester inaperçu, invisible.

Qui est caché 6 lettres ?

6 solutions pour la definition « Caché » en 6 lettres:

Définition Nombre de lettres Solution
Caché 6 Arcane
Caché 6 Dérobé
Caché 6 Enfoui
Caché 6 Latent

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Comment dissimuler ?

Établissez quels sont ces traits et trouvez un moyen de les cacher.

  1. Par exemple, si vous avez des yeux magnifiques, des lunettes de soleil sombres les cacheront à la vue des autres.
  2. Si vous avez des tatouages sur les bras, couvrez-les en portant des manches longues.

What is the definition for the word cache?

  • cache(n.) That which is hidden in a cache; a hoard; a stockpile. cache(n.) (Computers) A form of memory in a computer which has a faster access time than most of main memory, and is usually used to store the most frequently accessed data in main memory during execution of a program.

What does the name cahce mean?

  • – A store of things that may be required in the future, which can be retrieved rapidly, protected or hidden in some way. … – (computing) A fast temporary storage where recently or frequently used information is stored to avoid having to reload it from a slower storage medium. – (geocaching) A container containing treasure in a global treasure-hunt game.

What is cache and how do I clear my cache?

  • Clear the cache. Click the menu button and choose Options.Preferences. Select the panel. Click on the Network tab. In the Cached Web Content section, click Clear Now. Close the about:preferences page. Any changes you’ve made will automatically be saved. Click the menu button and choose Options.Preferences.

What is cache in explorer?

  • The Internet Explorer cache is a temporary location where files and images related to web pages opened by the web browsers are stored. This is done to make navigation and web surfing faster, as Internet Explorer does not need to retrieve the same information from the internet every time a web page is visited.

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