Quelle est la masse de la comète de Halley ?

Quelle est la masse de la comète de Halley ?

Quelle est la masse de la comète de Halley ?

La comète de Halley (désignation officielle 1P/Halley) est la plus connue de toutes les comètes. Son demi grand axe est de 17,9 unités astronomiques (soit environ 2,7 milliards de kilomètres), son excentricité est de 0,97 et sa période est de 76 ans….1P/Halley.

Diamètre du noyau 11 km
Masse 2, kg

How do comets move?

  • How Comets Move. Most comets travel on long, oval paths called ellipses that bring them near the Sun and then swing them back out into deep space. [See Figure 175 on page 320.] The point nearest the Sun on an elliptical orbit is called its perihelion. At perihelion, a comet’s speed is greatest.

What do comets orbit?

  • Comets orbit the Sun just like planets and asteroids do, except a comet usually has a very elongated orbit. As the comet gets closer to the Sun, some of the ice starts to melt and boil off, along with particles of dust. These particles and gases make a cloud around the nucleus, called a coma. The coma is lit by the Sun. The sunlight also pushes this material into the beautiful brightly lit tail of the comet.

Is the Sun a comet?

  • Comet, a small body orbiting the Sun with a substantial fraction of its composition made up of volatile ices. When a comet comes close to the Sun, the ices sublimate (go directly from the solid to the gas phase) and form, along with entrained dust particles, a bright outflowing atmosphere around the comet nucleus known as a coma.

What is the definition of a comet?

  • The definition of a comet is a celestial body that moves around the sun, and as it goes near the sun it forms a vapor trail of dust and gas that streams after it. An example of comet is Haley’s. YourDictionary definition and usage example.


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