Quels sont les types de diabète ?

Quels sont les types de diabète ?

Quels sont les types de diabète ?

Il existe 3 types de diabète : le diabète de type 1, le diabète de type 2 et le diabète gestationnel. Dans les trois cas, sans traitement, le taux de sucre (= glycémie) s’élève dans le sang. Nous vous expliquons la différence entre ces 3 types de diabète et comment les reconnaître.

Quels sont les symptômes d’un diabète ?

Symptômes de l’hyperglycémie:

  • Fatigue, somnolence.
  • Augmentation du volume et de la fréquence des urines.
  • Soif intense.
  • Bouche sèche.
  • Vision embrouillée.
  • Faim exagérée.
  • Irritabilité

How does diabetes kill you?

  • Diabetes destroys your kidneys. Your kidneys are one of the primary ways your body rids itself of potentially harmful toxins. If they don’t function properly, the resulting kidney disease could lead to kidney failure, which can be fatal. Diabetes is the leading cause of all kidney diseases nationwide.

How can you tell if you have diabetes?

  • You have to pee all the time. When you have excess sugar coursing through your blood stream,your body instinctively tries to get rid of it,says Mary Vouyiouklis …
  • You never stop drinking water. With all that peeing,dehydration is a very real possibility. …
  • Your breath smells awful. …
  • Your vision’s getting increasingly blurry. …

What are the bad things about diabetes?

  • When people with diabetes consume too many carbs at a time, their blood sugar levels can rise to dangerously high levels. Over time, high levels can damage your body’s nerves and blood vessels, which may set the stage for heart disease, kidney disease and other serious health conditions.

What is diabetes and how can I manage it?

  • Physical activity is another important part of your diabetes management plan. When you exercise, your muscles use sugar (glucose) for energy. Regular physical activity also helps your body use insulin more efficiently. These factors work together to lower your blood sugar level.

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