What does intolerable mean example?

What does intolerable mean example?

What does intolerable mean example?

If something is impossible to put up with, you can say it is intolerable. It would be intolerable if your neighbors played their terrible, loud music all night long. Intolerable, tolerable, tolerate, tolerant, and even extol all share the same Latin root word tolerare, which means to bear.

What is a word for intolerable?

extreme, impossible, painful, unbearable, unendurable, a bit much, excruciating, insufferable, insupportable, last straw, offensive, undesirable.

Is it Untolerable or intolerable?

Obsolete form of intolerable.

What is intolerability?

(ĭn-tŏl′ər-ə-bəl) adj. Impossible to tolerate or endure; unbearable: intolerable agony.

What do matronly mean?

adjective. of, relating to, or having the characteristics of a matron; maturely dignified; stately. characteristic of or suitable for a matron.

How do you use intolerable in a sentence?

Intolerable sentence example

  1. Meanwhile conditions grew intolerable for the inhabitants. …
  2. Nicholas felt the situation to be intolerable and went to have an explanation with his mother. …
  3. And the intolerable Xander is back.

What’s another word for intolerable acts?

the Coercive Acts
Also known as the Coercive Acts; a series of British measures passed in 1774 and designed to punish the Massachusetts colonists for the Boston Tea Party.

What is the opposite in meaning of intolerable?

intolerable, unbearable, unendurableadjective. incapable of being put up with. « an intolerable degree of sentimentality » Antonyms: supportable, resistant, tolerable, sufferable, endurable, tolerant, bearable.

What is unendurable mean?

Definition of unendurable : too unpleasant, painful, or difficult to accept or endure : not endurable : unbearable unendurable suffering … periods of unendurable stress and desperation.—

What is the meaning of unaccepted?

Definition of unaccepted : not given acceptance : not accepted an unaccepted submission.

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