Why did Nicole Kidman leave Panic Room?

Why did Nicole Kidman leave Panic Room?

Why did Nicole Kidman leave Panic Room?

Nicole Kidman was originally cast as Meg, but she left the project due to a knee injury. Foster, who almost joined the cast of Fincher’s 1997 film The Game, replaced Kidman. Fincher said Kidman’s portrayal was « about glamour and physicality », while Foster’s portrayal was « more political ».

Who did Jodie Foster replace in Panic Room?

8 Nicole Kidman Was Originally Cast As Meg Nicole Kidman was first cast as the protagonist, and she had even filmed some scenes from the movie. However, the actress had to drop out after an injury from Moulin Rouge never healed, which led to Foster replacing her.

How old was Kristen in Panic Room?

Stewart, aged 13 at the time of filming, played a high school freshman, Melinda Sordino, who nearly stops speaking after being raped. Her performance was widely praised, with The New York Times stating « Ms. Stewart creates a convincing character full of pain and turmoil. »

Who is the masked man in Panic Room?

Raoul was the main antagonist of the 2002 thriller film Panic Room. He was portrayed by Dwight Yoakam, who also portrayed Doyle Hargraves in Sling Blade.

What happened to Burnham Panic Room?

Raoul is killed by the panic room door slamming on his head, and Burnham is shot and killed by the police in the foyer of the house as he is fleeing. Nicole Kidman was originally cast in the role of Meg Altman and Hayden Panettiere was cast as her daughter, Sarah.


Where was Panic Room filmed?

Panic Room was shot in New York City, New York, USA. The exterior shots of the house took place at 38 West 94th Street in New York City, while the interior scenes were shot at Manhattan Beach Studios, 1600 Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach, California. Central Park West, New York, NY, USA.

How old was Jodie Foster when she made Panic Room?

After two weeks of filming in January 2001, Nicole Kidman was injured on the set and replaced by Jodie Foster. At the time, Kristen Stewart was 10-years-old. Jodie Foster was 38 when filming and turned 39 on Novem.

How old is Jodie Foster today?

59 years (Novem)
Jodie Foster/Âge

How old is Jodie Foster?

59 years (Novem)
Jodie Foster/Âge

How scary is Panic Room?

Parents need to know that this movie has extreme suspense and some graphic violence. A child is in peril. Characters use strong language.

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