Why do they call it Shutter Island?

Why do they call it Shutter Island?

Why do they call it Shutter Island?

In the film Shutter Island, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character has a guilt-ridden past which he loathes. In order to console himself, he pretends to be someone he wishes he could always have been otherwise. So here, the ‘shutter’ is personified as the truth-evading human and the ‘sunlight’ as the truth.

Is Shutter Island a true story?

  • No, it s not based on a true story. Shutter Island is based on a novel who has the same name and it’s written by Dennis Lehane .

Was there a conspiracy in Shutter Island?

  • All the conspiracy theories about Shutter Island being some secret government facility – or the doctors « getting to » Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) by the end of the film – are simply off the mark. DiCaprio’s character is actually Andrew Laeddis (a.k.a. patient 67), a disturbed inmate of Shutter Island who the doctors are trying to rehabilitate.

What are some amazing facts about Shutter Island?

  • Taunton was the location for the World War II flashbacks that haunt Teddy during his dreams.
  • Taunton’s Whittenton Mills Complex replicated the Dachau concentration camp in which we see the horrific event that Teddy dragged with him.
  • The Borderland State Park in Easton,Massachusetts,was used for the cabin scene in the woods.

Is there a real Shutter Island?

  • Dennis Lehane, who wrote the novel the film is based upon, has said the island is based on a real place he visited as a child, a minimum security prison located in Boston Harbor.This Shutter Island feels more Photoshopped than real, although Scorsese’s intent is clear.

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