Quelle est l’origine du mot apéritif ?

Quelle est l'origine du mot apéritif ?

Quelle est l’origine du mot apéritif ?

L’étymologie du mot était favorable à son développement ! « Apéritif » vient en effet du latin « aperire » qui signifie « ouvrir »… non pas une bonne bouteille, mais les pores de la peau pour éliminer toutes les toxines du corps. … Dans la langue française au XVIIIe, le mot apparaît d’abord comme un adjectif.

Which wine to serve as an aperitif?

  • Oranges. The orange wines of Targongino,a winery from Valencia,on the other hand,consist of one hundred percent oranges.
  • Sweet. It’s definitely on the sweet side. Hamersma does not drink much sweet wine himself,but he can come up with different applications.
  • Market. Whether this will be the drink of the future,Hamersma doubts. …

What is the meaning of aperitifs?

  • aperitif – alcoholic beverage taken before a meal as an appetizer. alcohol, alcoholic beverage, alcoholic drink, inebriant, intoxicant – a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent; « alcohol (or drink) ruined him ».

What is the opposite of aperitif?

  • Defining the Aperitif. « Apéritif » is a French word and its Italian counterpart is « aperitivo ». The opposite of an aperitif is a digestif, which is typically served at the end of a meal (it is a fancy word for a dessert cocktail ).

What is the plural of aperitif?

  • apéritif (plural apéritifs) An alcoholic drink served before a meal as an appetiser. 1963, Margery Allingham , chapter 5, in The China Governess ‎: A waiter brought his aperitif, which was a small scotch and soda, and as he sipped it gratefully he sighed.

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